Serafin Guesthouse - Guesthouse in Aviles

Serafin Guesthouse - Guesthouse in Aviles

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Guesthouse in AvilesGuesthouse in AvilesGuesthouse Aviles

Serafin Guesthouse is situated in the district of Villalegre, just 2 Km from the center of Avilés. Its excellent location allows us to walk to the main points of the city, the old town and the entertainment and fun.

Among the main attractions include the Niemeyer Cultural Center, City Hall, Ferrera Park, the Ria de Aviles and the lighthouse. You can also easily access the beaches in the area.

Moreover, from our privileged location our guests have the possibility of hiking and outdoor sports to enjoy nature in the area.


Serafin Guesthouse - Guesthouse in Avilés

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In Serafin Guesthouse we have rooms equipped with heating, television and bathrooms, totally comfortable for a nice stay.

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Pension in Avilés

A Guesthouse in Avilés, well connected to the airport, highways, beaches, fishing places, yachting port, Niemeyer Cultural Center

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Serafin Guesthouse - Guesthouse in Aviles

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